Yampa River

The Yampa River is all that remains of a wild west that has all but been forgotten. Being the last free-flowing undammed tributary to the Colorado River system makes this one of greatest treasures left in the area. It’s become one of the most heavily studied river corridors in the world in conjunction with the Green River on the effects of dams on riparian habitats. Our stretch of the Yampa will run 46 miles where we will see surreal scenery from start to finish. From stripped sheer cliffs and overhangs that stretch to 2,000 feet, to sandy beaches and beautiful hikes. Don't forget the exhilarating white water, the biggest of which is Warm Springs rapid, which was created by a flash flood in 1965. We will meet the Green River at Echo Park to complete the rest of our 71-mile journey through Whirlpool Canyon and Split Mountain Gorge.


Green River - Lodore Canyon

Lodore Canyon was the first major river section encountered by John Wesley Powell during his 1869 expedition. At the beginning of this journey, you will be greeted by the 800-foot tall Gates of Lodore – cliffs that signal entry into Lodore Canyon. This 44-mile long adventure is one of grand views, beautiful red cliffs, and side canyons teaming with an abundance of wildlife. You’ll see rock art in the form of petroglyphs and pictographs left behind by the Fremont Indians and float through the ages as the river carves through millions of years of earth and stone. Of course, this stretch of river isn’t short on thrilling white water, with rapids like Disaster Falls, Triplet Falls and Hells Half Mile that are sure to leave you grinning from excitement. Finally, the last day of the trip takes us through Whirlpool Canyon and Split Mountain Gorge, which are full of spectacular views and fun waves.


Green River - Labyrinth Canyon


Weber River